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Welcome to Language Arts Software, by Teacher-Written Eduware!

Our software was written BY a teacher for you, the teacher, and your kids.

Free fully-functioning downloads are available for the products shown here.  For additional details, please select a title from the above navigation bar or click on the appropriate product box.
Language Arts Presenter, Volumes 1 and 2

Our full staff of animated, talking avatars is ready to teach 30 language arts mini-lessons to your classes of middle school students, grades 5 to 9.

Just connect your computer to a digital projector or smart board, select a student to operate the mouse and let the avatars do the teaching for you--relax, grade papers, or partner-up with them! 

Fits into lesson plans when you need them or serves as stand-alone, multimedia lesson plans.

Warming Up to Language Arts

This is a PowerPoint presentation on steroids--a dynamic collection of 60 multimedia warm up activities for language arts middle school students, grades 5 to 9. 

There are 5 activities for each of 12 skills, each of which contains a looping photo animation and an instrumental track.  Display them on the classroom projector screen, smart board, or TV.

Fits nicely into lesson plans or serves as a corollary set of enrichment activities.

Write All About It !

This writing tutorial software helps student journalists and language arts students, grades 6 to 12, prepare and proofread 20 writing projects for publication.

Students select a project and proceed in a tutorial step-by step manner.  All work screens have a  word processor, directions, examples, typing instructions, and writing process help. 

This is a great way to individualize lesson plans and to teach the steps of the writing process.

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