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This application helps both middle school and high school student journalists and language arts students to prepare the following twenty writing projects for publication:

  •    News event
  •    Clubs or special programs
  •    News roundup
  •    Game story
  •    Pre-season sports story
  •    Post-season sports story
  •    Critical editorial
  •    Persuasive editorial
  •    Laudatory editorial
  •    Book review
  •    Music review
  •    Movie review
  •    The interview story
  •    Mystery teacher
  •    Wacky friends' ABC's
  •    Ask the staff
  •    Inquiring reporter
  •    Song dedications
  •    What's hot and what's not
  •    Wings and zings

Students select a writing project, and the first step of the tutorial loads.

Students enter information as prompted and proceed in a guided, step-by-step manner as they complete the writing process.

All work screens have a built-in word processor, directions, examples, typing instructions, and writing process help.  Works great as a way to individualize lesson plans.

A news writing tutorial and proofreader's checklist for each project is included.

This application is designed for use at individual working stations--real-life, public school students who are willing to follow written directions produce very good, publishable products.  They especially enjoy Song Dedications, What's Hot and What's Not, and Inquiring Reporter.

This re-release of our classic and popular product from 1997 is still, believe it or not, just as effective
now as it was back then.  Purchasers can look forward to zipped files for much faster download, improved tech support, and a FREE upgrade to Version 2.0 as soon as it becomes available--a $39.95 value!

This application is compatible with Windows XP, Me, 2000, 98, and 95.

Free Trial Details

Includes 4 fully-functioning writing projects for an unlimited trial period.

All 20 writing projects are available in the full version, along with a free upgrade to version 2.0 when it is released.

This application is compatible with Windows XP, Me, 2000, 98, and 95.

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